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Making of a 250 racer quadcopter.

It has been a while since the last post but here I am again sharing my latest project.

I have been for a long while interested in making a quadcopter, so when some of my friends decided to make a group order to share the multiple taxes and fees, I jumped along with the and order the required components.

The four main parts that make a quadcopter are:

  • 4 brushless motors
  • 4 electronic speed controllers
  • a flight controller
  • a wireless controller
  • a frame

I grabbed all of those components from hobbyking ( this is not an advertisement )


controller esc

The assembly and wiring of the quadcopter was pretty straight forward apart from some details that I will cover in some other post.

Why did I choose those parts ?

Well this is my very first experience with flying RC so I needed something good enough and cheap enough so I wouldn’t cry for too long if it brakes.

Also I chose everything based on the reputation it had when I made the purchase and the inter-compatibility of the components.

The rest of the parts are really random, but you need quite a lot of random things to make the darn thing fly.

Here is a more explicit list of all the purchase that were need for this quadcopter:

1x Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Set Of 4 CW/CCW

4x ESC Flycolor

1x Multiwii 328p flight controller

1x HK emitter receiver combo

2x Turnigy 1300 mAh 3C 20C 109g

1x 250 racer frame

4x Prop 5×3 (Pack of 2) Black

4x Prop 5×3 (Pack of 2) Orange

1x XT60 Male + Female (5pairs /no wire)

2x 2mm bullet connector (10 pack)

1x Servo cable (receiver -> flight controller)

Here is a crude picture of my finished build !!


It flies pretty well… now I need to perfect my piloting but I am sure it will come as I spend time flying it.

As you can see the propeller bend quite a bit but for now nothing broke on me !!  I keep my finger crossed. Don’t forget to tighten your screws and nuts I already lost one screw (what a shame)

As a last word I am really happy with how everything turned out, the durability is pretty good since I crashed it quite a bit already.

Keep an eye on the next article, it will cover all the calibration process which for me has been the most tedious part.

See you then. Bye